Last Update                     05/23/2020   


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Due to the CV-19 Pandemic Open Meeting Restrictions there are no inside services at CELC at this time We are still in Phase 0 of our Reopening Plan.  Please see our Video Vault Section for on line services or check your monthly Light of Christ Mailing for alternate worship activities. Don't forget your friends during these times. A new email and phone roster is available by emailing the church office.

Fall / Winter Schedule 

First Service 8:15 AM
Sunday School  9:30 AM
Second Service 10:30 AM





732 Hebron Road, (SR  79)
Heath Ohio, 43056
        Phone 740-522-4505 

See Calendar for upcoming events

 Finding Us 

Take a little, Leave a little, Love a lot !!



Our Mission Statement

“To worship God together, share our faith, and spread the love of Jesus through service to all"


Important Emails:

Pastor Adams

Office Secretary

Please route all routine  e-mail through the Office Secretary indicating in Subject Line to whom it should be forwarded.

We currently do not have a 24x7 hour email emergency response available, please use the church phone number above for emergency or immediate concerns after office hours.



Office Hours:   Monday - Friday  8:30AM- 12:30 PM.


Council 2019-2020

President:  Seth Patton

Vice President: Hank Fitzgerald

Secretary: Carolyn Peterson

Treasurer: Denise Ploetz

Finance: Yolanda Rosato

Worship & Music: Sam Collins

Fellowship: Joey Alexander

Faith Formation: Sherry  Hageman

Property: Denney Morris

Stewardship: Seth Patton

Four Church Farm: Hank Fitzgerald

Family & Youth: Denise Ploetz

Outreach: Carol Hughes and
Carolyn Peterson

Volunteer Staff

(Treasurer: Denise Ploetz; Finance Secretary: Connie Swank)

Joy Williams - Family and Youth Coordinator

Website and Social Media Facilitator :
Eldon Peterson