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4 Church Farm
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Fall / Winter Schedule 

First Service 8:15 AM
Sunday School  9:30 AM
Second Service 10:30 AM

Christ Evangelical Lutheran

732 Hebron Road, (SR  79)
Heath Ohio, 43056
Phone 740-522-4505 

See Calendar for upcoming events including our plan to attack hunger in our County on superbowl weekend.
























 Finding Us 

Take a little, Leave a little, Love a lot !!




Our Mission Statement

“To worship God together, share our faith, and spread the love of Jesus through service to all"


Important Emails:

Pastor Adams

Office Secretary

Please route all routine  e-mail through the Office Secretary indicating in Subject Line to whom it should be forwarded.

We currently do not have a 24x7 hour email emergency response available, please use the church phone number above for emergency or immediate concerns after office hours.



Office Hours:   Monday - Friday  8:30AM- 12:30 PM.


Council 2019-2020

President:  Seth Patton

Vice President: Hank Fitzgerald

Secretary: Carolyn Peterson

Treasurer: Denise Ploetz

Finance: Yolanda Rosato

Worship & Music: Sam Collins

Fellowship: Joey Alexander

Faith Formation: Sherry  Hageman

Property: Denney Morris

Stewardship: Seth Patton

Four Church Farm: Hank Fitzgerald

Family & Youth: Denise Ploetz

Outreach: Carol Hughes and
Carolyn Peterson

Volunteer Staff

(Treasurer: Denise Ploetz; Finance Secretary: Connie Swank)

Joy Williams - Family and Youth Coordinator

Website and Social Media Facilitator :
Eldon Peterson