updated 01/17/2022


Reopening Plan

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4 Church Farm

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We will be video recording the Sunday and/or Wednesday services and they will be available on line usually by that Sunday evening..  Further details will be posted on Facebook CELC E-Church Group and  YOUTUBE  CELC HEATH channel each week.

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Tap the icon below to view bulletin folder for latest on-line services or parking lot services. Check your monthly Light of Christ Mailing for alternate worship activities.

Prior Week Videos can now be found on our  new Youtube Channel under the archive playlist.

See Calendar for other upcoming events


 Finding Us 

Please take time to subscribe to our new Youtube channel called CELC HEATH: That way you will be notified every time new video content is added for your at home worship activity.



If you forget the URL, just Google CELC HEATH and you will find all our social medial platforms.









Our Mission Statement

“To worship God together, share our faith, and spread the love of Jesus through service to all"

732 Hebron Road, (SR 79)
Heath Ohio, 43056
 Phone 740-522-4505
Latest Update 11/15/2021



Our Pastor

 Chris Adams *


Important Emails:

Melissa Quitter
Our Office Admin

Please route all routine  e-mail through the Office Administrative Assistant indicating in Subject Line to whom it should be forwarded.

Church office hours have changed to the following:

Monday  8:30-4:00  (lunch from 11:30-12:00)

Tuesday  8:30-4:00  (lunch from 11:30-12:00)

Wednesday  8:30-11:30

Thursday  8:30-11:30


Call 522-4505 during Covid before coming in.


Executive Committee

President:  Gary Williams

Vice President:
Hank Fitzgerald

Carolyn Peterson

Financial Secretary
Christi Brooks

Denise Ploetz

Council- Liaisons 2021-2022

Faith Formation:
Allison Pyle

Family & Youth:
Margie Leone

Barbara Crider
Missy Morrison

Four Church Farm:
Hank Fitzgerald

Carol Hughes
 Margie Leone

Clyde Cox

Seth Patton
Hank Fitzgerald

Matt Kinsley

Worship & Music:
Carolyn Peterson


Office Manager:
Melissa Quitter *

Music Ministry, Coordinator & Organist:
 Marilyn Yekisa *

Custodian: Craig White

Care Team Leader:
Joyce Williams

Family and Youth Coordinator:
Joy Williams

Technology Team Leader
Rhonda White

Webmaster, Sound, Video and Social Media Coordinator
Eldon Peterson


*  Paid Position