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Christ Evangelical Lutheran

732 Hebron Road, (SR-79)
Heath Ohio, 43056
                    Phone 740-522-4505 
                              Voice Mail Checked each morning

Special CV-19 Crisis Announcement


All Church In House Activities as well as Worship Services have gone on-line until the "Stay at Home Order" expires.   We hope (with faith) that the imposed restrictions of large gatherings are lifted in a reasonable time but our church has decided to obey the State Order to mitigate the spread of the virus. In the mean time, keep the fellowship, send in your tithes and offerings to our church address, and view, listen , and participate in our virtual services on line. Also don't forget our mission statement and  exercise this period to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all you friends, family and neighbors.

We have set up a Vimeo Hi-Bandwidth Video Service to distribute Sunday and Holy Week Worship, Midweek Lenten Messages, and daily scripture sharing.  They will be placed on this page as they are made available. If using a phone, using the vimeo app will give you the best viewing experience.

As a reminder, you will always be able to come here and get links to our  Vimeo server without anything else except a simple internet appliance.  At this time, we do not have the capability ( due to strict Copyright regulations from Facebook ) to place Facebook only videos on this or any other website. We are working this issue but have not resolved it yet.

For those without WI-FI or MOBILE data access, you should be able to connect to our Christ Lutheran WAN in the parking lot or at any of the many internet hotspots around the area. ( including one at Dairy Queen next door ) Those hotspots do not require a data service or a phone on your account right now. I reach out to our members to keep these folks in mind and search out methods of sharing the word with a loaner or donated appliance. Call our office phone if you have a viewing device to share.

Note: We have been having some problems with the Vimeo Video Server ( it is located in New York City). Until that is resolved I am using our backup Youtube server.  You may experience pop up adds unless you have premium youtube account.

 Scroll down this page for the archived videos sorted in chronological order.


Maundy Thursday

You can select Full Screen at bottom of viewer.
Click here for Bulletin to follow along with the service.

We will share a watch party on our Facebook Group at 8:00 PM Thursday



Back Up Maundy Thursday Video on Youtube

Good Friday Service

You can select Full Screen at bottom of viewer.
Click here for Bulletin to follow along with the service.

We will share a watch party on our Facebook Group at 8:00 PM Thursday


Backup Friday Service on Youtube

Easter Sunday Service

Video Pending



Palm Sunday Video

Here is the Bulletin which you can launch in a separte window.

To participate in live interaction during the Palm Sunday service time
Go to where there will be a watch party showing this video. You must be a member of that Private Group to participate in that real time sharing.

Click me

This video is also available on Facebook via the video tab on E-Church.
There is also a copy on this link:



March 29

Click here for bulletin to follow the weekly worship service

Right click above link and select "Display Link in new Window" This will allow you to scroll the Bulletin without loosing the video.



March 25 Lenten Devotion


March Lenten Devotions.





There is a known problem playing the

VIMEO  videos on older XP vintage computers or out of date browsers.  They should play

 fine on newer platforms.





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Take a little, Leave a little, Love a lot !

Especially During this CV-19 crisis, it should never be empty !





Our Mission Statement

To worship God together, share our faith, and spread the love of Jesus through service to all"


Important Emails:

Pastor Adams

Office Secretary

Please route all routine  e-mail through the Office Secretary indicating in Subject Line to whom it should be forwarded.

We currently do not have a 24x7 hour email emergency response available, please use the church phone number above for emergency or immediate concerns after office hours. Voice mails will be answered daily.



Office Hours:   Monday - Friday  8:30AM- 12:30 PM.  During Crisis - Call ahead.


Council 2019-2020

President:  Seth Patton

Vice President: Hank Fitzgerald

Secretary: Carolyn Peterson

Treasurer: Denise Ploetz

Finance: Yolanda Rosato

Worship & Music: Sam Collins

Fellowship: Joey Alexander

Faith Formation: Sherry  Hageman

Property: Denney Morris

Stewardship: Seth Patton

Four Church Farm: Hank Fitzgerald

Family & Youth: Denise Ploetz

Outreach: Carol Hughes and
Carolyn Peterson

Volunteer Staff

(Treasurer: Denise Ploetz; Finance Secretary: Connie Swank)

Joy Williams - Family and Youth Coordinator

Website and Social Media Facilitator :
Eldon Peterson